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Tel-Hai College serves as the academic and scientific leader of the Galilee. Committed to academic excellence, innovation and the pioneering spirit of its founders, the college serves as a growth engine leveraging its academic activity for the strategic and economic development of the Galilee.  Our extensive list of partners is a demonstration of the leadership role Tel-Hai College has in developing the Galilee and bring positive change to Israeli society at large. 

Tel-Hai College has a leading role in developing the Galilee and bringing positive change to Israeli society at large. Founded in 1996, The College harnesses the area’s diverse natural resources to create excellent academia and innovative scientific inquiry, which generates growth in the communities of the Galilee. Tel-Hai draws talented students and outstanding faculty from Israel and the world, leveraging its academic activity for the strategic and economic development of the Galilee, developing the next generation of scientists, researchers, teachers, and leaders who will impact the region, the country and the world. The College is a vision shared by its many partners and friends around the world. Your gift to Tel-Hai, whatever its size, directly impacts our students and provides critical support for the College and the region. We invite you to contact us with any queries or comments you may have, and we look forward to including you in our special group of friends and partners worldwide.

Giving Opportunities:

Scholarship and Financial aid (קישור לדף מלגות)

Capital: Construction of Tel-Hai's Leven Campus, named after the late founder of the Rashi Foundation, began in 2006, in response to the college's meteoric growth in both student enrollment and academic programs. The multi-staged plan for the campus allows for gradual progress in a series of meticulously planned stages. Buildings and grounds are being developed with optimum care in response to student, faculty, and community needs, with utmost environmental and aesthetic sensitivity, and highlighting breathtaking views of the landscape,. The Gustave Leven Campus already houses multi-purpose buildings that serve the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The following stages of development require extensive support, and we invite you to take part in this exciting initiative: Additional Multi-disciplinary buildings, The National Food Institute, Teaching and research laboratories and dormitories.

Faculty, Staff, and Research
Set in the heart of spectacular scenery and unique natural resources, Tel-Hai has become a hub that attracts superb scientists and talented young adults from across Israel and around the world. To maintain our status as a leading academic institution, we need to be able to continue to attract high-caliber faculty and provide them with the resources they need to perform ground-breaking research. We are proud of our faculty that have made important advances in fields as diverse as pre-historic archaeology, immunology, resilience, psychotrauma and arts therapies and hydrochemistry and more.

The College is a vision shared by its many partners and friends around the world. We are proud and honored to share our challenges, and successes, with a distinguished list of supporters.

If you would like to support Tel-Hai and be a part of this incredible pioneering story, please send us a message.

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