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Driven by the persuasion that Tel-Hai’s academic voice is like no other in the world and that international academic collaborations are an inherent pillar of an institution’s academic stamina, the College’s International Academic Affairs Office creates new opportunities for student and faculty exchange, peer learning and collaborative research.
Tel-Hai’s vision of internationalization is in accordance with the policy of the Council for Higher Education in Israel. We focus on strengthening the College’s position as a leading research college, striving for excellence and visibility in the international academic arena. This is achieved through the introduction of unique, value-added curricula in the scientific, technological, social and historical disciplines, which emphasize the uniqueness of the College’s location, in line with the Tel-Hai’s ‘excellence in research’ approach.
The International Academic Affairs Office also coordinates the College’s participation in international programs, such as Erasmus+, Fulbright and others.

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