What is iGEM?

International Genertically Engineered Machine (iGEM) is an organization established to create databases and collaborations in the field of synthetic biology.

The organization holds an annual international competition in the field of genetic


engineering. As part of the competition, the best young minds from countries around the world are recruited to create a vast database that will serve humanity in the future to solve existential problems.

Who are we?


The Tel-Hai - Migal team consists of undergraduate and graduate students from the College’s biotechnology, nutrition sciences, food science, computer science and economics and management programs.The team is led by Dr. Hadas Weinstein-Marom,a faculty member and senior researcher in the Immunology Laboratory at Migal.

Our vision

Improving the treatments offered to cancer patients today by a new genetic tool, with possible applications to other diseases as well.

How will we do this?

Our team focuses on genetic engineering and develops a genetic therapeutic

instrument. The new technology will enable selective and safe targeting solely for selected target cells, though a device or computational switch (Logic AND Gate) that is able to perform a logical operation on a number of binary components

(input) in order to produce a single binary output. This tool has great potential in the field of genetic therapy for cancer and beyond.