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The Tel-Hai Arts Institute, established in 1957, is a distinguished and vibrant hub for the creative arts. The center currently operates three education departments: Fine Art, Jewelry, and Ceramics.

Students study for three intensive years in small learning groups. This allows for dedicated accompaniment and support, strengthening and empowering the student’s abilities and improving his/her personal expression. Each learning group has a workshop, allowing for ongoing creation and independence in an open studio while developing a variety of techniques, formats and unlimited sizes. In addition, their teachers, all of which are active artists, see it as their mission to cultivate and nurture their student's talents.  





Studies include personal guided work in the studio in preparation for building a personal exhibition and presenting it.  Students experience and create, intellectually and emotionally, through work with material, form, and color. Students develop through practice with a range of display modes, study curation, and implement the process of putting on an exhibition. They also participate in producing the exhibition catalog and its design and learn about the process of marketing and advertising the exhibition. This process allows the artists to deal with the most significant questions of human existence where they learn about art on a delicate, sensitive, and exposed level.

Art is the most open territory for personal, creative exploration and discovery. Together with a highly professional and hand-on practical approach, students dive freely and deeply to explore their artistic talents.


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