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Economics & Management, B.A.

Economics & Management, B.A.

The goal of the Economics and Management curriculum is to prepare students for economic and commercial activities in the business and public sector. The studies focus on diverse fields connected to macro-economics, micro-economics, financial management and financing, business management, human resources management, product distribution and consumption, marketing and more.

Studies include preparation for the Israel Securities Authority examinations for receiving licensing as an investment advisor and portfolio manager. Members of the faculty are active researchers and enthusiastic field people who are found at the forefront of research and achievement.

At the end of the three year program, students have all the required tools to integrate themselves into a wide range of roles in the public and business sectors, in government offices, in leading companies in the economy and in management roles in different bodies. Students also have the option to continue on to advanced studies in economics or business management.

Program Name: B.A. Degree in Economics and Management with concentration on Management Information Systems (MIS)

This new program is a partnership between two long-standing departments at the college: The Department of Economics and Management and the Department of Computer Science.

The field of Management Information Systems integrates studies in four disciplines: management, economics, computer science and database management. Management Information Systems are computer systems based on data communication that serve as technology infrastructure that creates, processes, organizes, packages and drives the main asset of the organization: data, information and knowledge.

Management Information Systems serve as the digital nervous system of the new organizations in the contemporary information company and are the basis of cultivating innovation in work processes, enabling continuous access for organization vendors and clients and enabling monitoring and analysis of business intelligence data.

The track will serve the growing demand for skilled personnel in the field of MIS and enable department graduates direct entry into the world of technology and information systems. Graduates will be able to continue as technological entrepreneurs in internet fields (start-ups) and as MIS staff in business and public organizations.

Graduates of the track will be able to integrate into the private and public sector in diverse roles such as: systems/ERP analysts and administrators, systems implementation and guidance, programmers, software QA analysts, information systems design and maintenance, site managers and developers, internet and social media entrepreneurs, online marketing promotion, applications development for computers and mobile devices with open and closed source code. Graduates can also integrate into a variety of programs for advanced degrees in institutions of higher education.

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